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The Beginning & Always Leading The Way...

The idea started when two friends ha de desire to star something very different, gaudy and entertaining for the audience.  In 2000 Ricardo Martinez and Ronald Zaconet undertook the difficult task of learning the art of mixing music like Dee Jays (DJs) in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. The idea was simply to create a small business which provided music with a DJ for any event or celebration, and MUSICMAN (DJs, Sound & Lighting) was born.  Together the young associates started compiling a great amount of songs in order to have an extended diversification of music and satisfy the clients taste; with the attempt of staying fresh with today’s most requested songs.  The beginning was rough and difficult; however, the two young men had some knowledge since they had already worked in this atmosphere in their original land.  But stating that this is another country, with broad and diversified cultures their experiences where short almost none existing.  A year later from the start of the project, one of the associates decides to part and explore other fields leaving MUSICMAN (DJs, Sound & Lighting) under Ricardo Martinez responsibility that continued the vocation and expanding his knowledge in the event and celebration environment.  After elapsing another year in which there were good and bad moments, accidentally he meets Hector Villalobos who with his partner Abel managed VENMEX (DJs & Musical Entertainment).  A point in time came when Abel former partner of Hector decided to mote to another city leaving Hector director of VENMEX (DJs & Musical Entertainment).

Continuing there closeness they came to the conclusion of uniting teams in order to grow in the music entertainment field.  Since that moment MINITECA VENMAN tool place with the hope to be very different, eye catchy and fun for the public, the idea was always to be unique with a new concept in DJs, sound and lighting for events and celebrations.  The word MINITECA, that derives from discotheque and means mobile nigh club, sound and lighting to the extremes, and VENMAN which was a combination of VENMEX and MUSICMAN.  The term MINITECA remind usof the mobile discos from the 80’s and 90’s that still exist in Spain, Venezuela, Mexico (A.K.A. Sonideros) and Colombia just a couple mentioned.  Founded on 2004, MINITECA VENMAN has participated in recognized event in the city of Charlotte and continues its path to success.  Presently it counts with the capacity to develop massive events with advanced equipment, spokesman, clawns and qualified DJs, sound and lighting for unforgettable moments…


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Don Omar en Concierto (2005) (N/A)

2005 Colombian Festival (N/A)

2006 Colombian Festival (N/A)

2007 Dominican Festival  (N/A)

Wisin & Yandel (2006) (N/A)

GUSTAVO "Loko" Quintero y           Los Graduados (2007)


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A Little Bit Of History About MINITECAS & DISPLAYS ...

Forty years ago, Venezuelans witnessed the transition that went from discos to MINITECAS. It was a sensational and very profitable movement that consisted with electric devices and new rhythms, which represented Feeling Happy National Day.  Event though this movement was the new style, we will never stop thinking about those hits that made us shake it on the dance floor like:

 "Dancing with myself" by Billy Idol

"El jardinero" by Wilfrido Vargas

"Whip It" by Devo.

"Big in Japan" by Alphaville

"El baile del mono" by Porfi Jiménez’s orquestra

"Tarzan boy" by Baltimora

"All night long" by Lionel Ritchie

 These songs enlivened moments of joy and take you back to unforgettable moments from our growing up years.

 In 2005, we experienced a decline with the Deejays that entertained us by scratching records.

 Venezuela was one of the countries that did not go from big saloons with multicolor and glamorous dance floors, instead they had a strange traveling device that produced sound and with an entertainer who would improvise each move called-nobody knows why, by whom, nor since when-“MINITECAS”.

During the last years of the 70’s decade, the arrival of the disco music changed the night life.  In that moment, the Venezuelan economy was rough, when all the facts showed this to be true, petroleum change the picture to a prosperity attitude and along with that comes the will to celebrate.

 The first MINITECAS (A.K.A MOBILE SOUND), captured the audiences attention, they consisted of electric devices and the player of the music who would just improvise the next step. It remind us of the west style because it had barrels of whisky holding the equipment, and the west style barrels  of whisky holding the bugles.

 Base on this experimentation with the MINITECAS the spectacular shows attracted many others to star there MINITECAS in Venezuela these were T-CONECCTION and EXPLOSION from Caracas, SOUL TRAIN from Maracaibo, LECHUGA’S PEOPLE, GIPSY and many others that did gala with their invention and improvising.  Remember that the MINITECAS did not count with modern equipment and their entertainer had no experience maybe that was the whole fun part. Nevertheless the firt war of MINITECAS was a national event.

 Capital Radio created a space where the MINITECAS were allowed to submit its cassettes of mixed music and the radio would play the music live, Marco Antonio “MUSUITO” Lacavalerie, who was a great leader in the Venezuelan youth media, remembers that the second war was due because some unspoken rules.  By then they established the new rules.  Each MINITECAS was allowed 15 minutes in the air, and they would mix a minimum of 10 to 15 songs. This turns out to be so popular and marketed very well the MINITECAS. With a 10.000 concurred audience, the spectacular was the new sensation of the market compared to any other national media of communication.

Then the audience simply remained astonished with the unscripted performance of an effusive and talented guy named Jose Antonio Escobar, best known as Tony Escobar or as years later he becomes known Tony Scott. “The MINITECAS were more important that the deejays that played the music, they took over the show, they were the artist” says Escobar.

In 1981 MINITECAS become the national phenomena of the youth. People from ages 12 to 25 assured to have known or have visited a live performance.  New MINITECAS came to business: LIGHTING, THE DROP, FAHRENHEIT, INFIERNO, EXCALIBUR, DR. MIX, MAD NESS, RAINBOW, MAGIQUE, LA ROCOLA, DISLIKE; with them came the competition to offer a more attractive show at these events: baptism, weddings, sweet 16, binges, festivals, street parties, block parties, etc.

 “Bungles with missiles were probably what promoted the competition among the MINITECAS” says  Carlos Boveda. Boveda was attributed for creating the vertical wall, which was kept in the back and hold the battery for the lighting used in these events.

 “Here we don’t have knowledge of any type of professional audio, we work based on the trail and error” says Coletta in regards to the great quantity of burn equipment, cables and wires that were set on fire and blackouts of complete buildings that had to confront half of the festivals”. Nevertheless for the year 1983 the shortage technicians were surpassed and the event that celebrated with spectacular magnificence of the MINITECAS they proliferated for all the family clubs in the city; La Concha acoustical from Bello Monte, Regency, Caracas Hotels, Military clubs, the plazas and any place was good enough to star a party.

Due to such a great success the MINITECAS became an established industry.

The last was had exposed violence among the gangs of neighborhoods.  The latent threat persisted by the presence of the gangs formed in Caracas who put in risk the spectacular act in he youth atmosphere while the magic of the sound and professional lighting went slowly fading to lead to a new type of entertainment: the business show. The rest is history.



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